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Building Tanarah 22nd and 23rd floor Av. José Vasconcelos 345 Santa Engacia San Pedro Garza García, ZIP 66267

Soluciones Virtuales
About our offices

Our two offices in Nuevo Leon are located in San Pedro Garza García, a municipality considered the corporate area of the city, and one of the most important economies in Latin America.

We are strategically located in very privileged and prestigious neighborhoods in the city. Our offices are surrounded by banks, restaurants, hotels, among other businesses available in a walking distance.

VAEO Monterrey has the best views of the Sierra Madre Oriental. Also, parking spaces are available for both visitors and members.

Let your company reach more Virtual Solutions Included
Fiscal & Legal Address
Avoid having your fiscal & legal address registered at your home, where you do not wish to receive notifications, and make sure there is always someone available to receive your business’ notifications during working hours.
PO Box / Commercial address
As a part of your membership you will get the possibility to register your business in one of our locations. You can use this address for your social media, web page, presentations and any other commercial needs.
Personal Phone Answering
Make sure you’re always available for your clients, providers or anyone trying to reach you for work. With our phone answering service, our concierges will answer your calls and messages during working hours.
Office Spaces
Your membership will allow you to work in any of our common areas for unlimited time and without paying any additional fees. Come and work with us every day while enjoying all our amenities!
Exclusive Work Desk
Desk with your name or the name of your company, as you like. Work from a coworking space specially designated for you, while enjoying a pleasant atmosphere and all our additional services at no extra cost.
Equipped Office
Hire an office that suits your needs and your way of working. All our offices are 100% conditioned so that you only worry about growing your business; of the furniture, the internet, the attention and the coffee, we take care of it.
Guests, more than members Workspitality

Under our motto of Workspitality, which combines hospitality toward our members with the best tools for working, we offer you work spaces focused genuinely on the services of our members and their needs.

In VAEO, we seek to exceed your expectations with our boutique spaces and the best services and attention, so you can fully focus on your business and making it grow.

More United Teams Meeting Rooms that connect teams, even remotely
Meeting Rooms & Business Lounges

Our meeting rooms are designed to make the communication between your team members more efficient. Due to the COVID pandemic, we equipped all our meeting rooms with the best technologies available for remote conferences.

For more casual meetings our private and comfortable Business Lounges are always available for your colleagues and clients.

Our mission: growing with you, while adapting to your needs Flexibility that fits your needs
Your brand at its best, just as you like it
For entrepreneurs & freelancers We offer the perfect corporate image for your brand, so that you can grow your business and make the most of your projects. In VAEO, you will find first class facilities, meeting rooms ready for face-to-face reunions or remote conferences, and a community that wants to see you grow.
For Teams & PyMES Save money, decentralize your offices and increase your flexibility, in the most welcoming place for you and your colleagues. Also, with our multiaccess program you can book a work space in any of our facilities..
For Corporations We adapt to the needs of your company, combining built to suit spaces for the most demanding office work, with the flexibility of growth that large corporations need. All these within a pleasant and energetic environment.
Flexible Office Spaces, just as you like them
Custom-made plans for you, just as you like them VAEO FLEX. Build your own membership

Every company and entrepreneur has different needs regarding workspaces and office services. This is why we’ve created a membership able to adapt to your goals and work rhythm.

Start building your dream workspace with the amount of office hours and amenities you need.

The most complete plans on the market Additional services for your business , just as you like it
3CX Platform with the PBX IP telephone system
3CX is an open platform phone system that supports remote work. Increase productivity with the most advanced functionalities of call-center, videoconferences and more.
NetWorking & Business Oriented Events
At VAEO we offer you a strategic support program focused on boosting your business. We offer to all our members exclusive courses, workshops and networking with our more than 200 members.
Equipped Meeting Rooms, ideal for remote work
Meeting rooms adapted to your needs, either face-to-face or remote. At VAEO your business meetings, presentations and collaborative work are made just the way you like.
Access to common areas with extended hours
Your business never stops, and neither do we. Enjoy our facilities during extended hours; we offer you cubicles, meeting rooms and business lounge without worrying about schedules.
VAEO free multiaccess
With our free access plan, you can choose to work in any of our locations!. Just book 24 hours in advance to secure your desk and enjoy our different facilities!
Clean and disinfected workspaces
Stop worrying! Your and your colleagues’ safety is our priority. At VAEO, we take care of the cleaning and disinfection of your office and all our facilities in accordance with the guidelines for COVID 19.
We want to help you choose the best plan for you Start Today
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